PSCS (Portable Self -Chlorinating System) The PSCS System kills and prevents the growth of microbes, bacteria and algae in the holding tank by adding a constant source of Chlorine. Approved by the TCEQ as an acceptable means of decontamination, Chlorine is one of the most commonly used disinfectants for water. Chlorine can be applied for the deactivation of most micro-organisms at a low, affordable cost.

FS (Filtration System)
The FS System employs High Activity Carbon (HAC) and physical properties to polish water in addition to utilizing a micron lter for the removal of microscopic particles, rust, and sediment. The balanced pore structure of the lters give a more efcient absorption range and is ver y durable so losses due to attrition are kept to a minimum. The FS System removes harmful microbes, suspended matter, smells, slimy texture, and improves taste while removing excess Chlorine.


For best coverage for standing water systems, it is required to have chemical treatment as well as ltration. Without both steps, the removal of microorganisms, smell, that slimy feeling, sediment and excess chlorination will be a losing battle. It is recommended to employ either the Self-Chlorinating & the Filtration system or the DRRO system. Both technologies are licensed exclusively to SABAR Environmental.


Complete system and monthly maintenance, monthly sampling, monthly testing and record keeping.