The heart of the Remediation Process offered by SABAR is a microbe “bug” that eats oil. The “Bugs” are cultivated, not genetically engineered to eat oil and other organic substances such as parafn, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons. By converting oil, gasoline and diesel fuel into harmless and naturally occurring products environmentally safe for human, pet, plant and aquatic life, SABAR products are effective, cost competitive and compatible with other technologies. This Microbial Remediation Process will break or limit the liability trail and is a standalone technology.


*Additional supplies are available upon request. SABAR Environmental offers customized spill response packages to meet the specic needs and demands of your company.


Sabar Spill Kit Drum (Universal)

Spill Response Kit Drum ( Includes (1) 55 gallon drum with; (60) universal pads, (15) universal socks, (2) 15 lb bags of Petro Zorb, (1) 2 gallon pressure sprayer of Petro Wash, (2) lbs of rags, (2) pairs of green nitrile gloves, (2) pairs of goggles, (1) Emergency Response Guidebook, (5) heavy duty disposable bags) - Absorbs a 41 gallon spill.

Sabar Spill Kit (Combo)

Spill Response Kit ( Includes 1 Yellow Nylon Spill Response Bag 20"x17"x8", 1 Green Plastic spill accessory bag, (2) 4 lb bags of Petro Zorb, (2) 32oz bottles of Petro Wash, (10) oil only absorbent pads, (10) universal absorbent pads, (2) oil absorbent socks, (1) pair of safety goggles, (1) pair of nitrile gloves, (2) pairs of disposable neoprene gloves, (1) lb of white rags, (1) 14 oz bottle of Gojo, (2) heavy duty black disposable bags, (1) emergency response guidebook, (1) Sabar Environmental SDS sheets) - Absorbs a 12 gallon spill.

Sabar Spill Bucket (Universal)

Spill Response Bucket Kit (For your 5 gallon spills; includes; (1) 6 gallon bucket with (10) 15" x 19" Universal Pads, (2) 3" x 4' Absorbent Universal Socks, (1) Pair of Green Nitrile Gloves, (1) Safety Goggles, (1) Disposable bag, (1) 32 oz. bottle of Petro Wash, (1) 2lb bag of Petro Zorb, (1) Sabar Environmental SDS Sheet.